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"Innovation Empowered: Padmashree's Grant Triumph"

Cost-effective study of Leptadenia reticulata micropropagation for commercial supply of elite germplasm for farmers, National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi, 2006 (₹7.000 Lakhs)

Tissue culture and conventional propagation of Nothapodytes foetida for large-scale sapling supply and comparative study with Campthotheca acuminata, National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi, 2009 (₹25.000 Lakhs)

Isolation and purification of pregnane glycosides from Caralluma fimbriata, Sanat Products Ltd., New Delhi, 2011 (₹0.400 Lakhs)

Biotech Finishing School, Dept. of IT, BT & S&T, Govt. of Karnataka, 2011 (₹100.000 Lakhs)

Finding an economical and reliable source for production of antithrombotic and fibrinolytic agents and testing efficacy, VGST, GoK, 2015 (₹4.000 Lakhs)

Application, replication, scientific validation, and scale-up of a patented formula, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, Science for equity and development division (SEED), Government of India, 2015 (₹4.015 Lakhs)

National Post Doctoral Fellowship - Life Sciences, Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India, 2016 (₹9.60 Lakhs)

Biotechnology Skill Enhancement Program (BiSEP), Department of IT-BT, Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka, and Government of India, 2017 (₹122.50 Lakhs)

 Financial assistance to strengthen research facilities in all science departments of the college, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, FIST program, Government of India, 2018 (₹30.00 Lakhs)

Utilization of silkworm waste for poultry and fish feed production, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, Women Scientist Scheme, WOS-B, Government of India, 2019 (₹31.74 Lakhs)

 Formulation and standardization of Theertham using various Ayurvedic herbs, N Ranga Rao Sons Pvt Ltd., Bangalore ,2019 (₹3.50 Lakhs)

Establishing advanced research and training facility for phytoceuticals, Vision Group on Science and Technology, K-FIST Level-II, Government of Karnataka ,2015 (₹20.00 Lakhs)

 Rajat Jayanthi, DST New Delhi, 2010-2014 (12.00 Lakhs)

Development of low-cost strategic modules and edukits for training science teachers in conventional and applied propagation techniques

Student: Ms. Rukaya Amin Chowdary

Mentor: Dr. Anuradha M.


·   Creating awareness in rural schools about lignin contamination by coconut-husk and its biodegradation by cost-effective methods

Student: Mr. Sachin S

Mentor: Dr. Balasubramanya S.


·   Reducing the level of toxic substances at home, by educating school children on the use of household and natural ingredients

Student: Ms. Shruthi Shekar

Mentor: Dr. Balasubramanya S.


·   Educating school children about the benefits of hydroponics and encouraging its use among them

Student: Ms. Surabhi Soral

Mentor: Dr. Anuradha M.


·   Designing low-cost instruments and technology in molecular biology for higher secondary (rural and semi-urban) students

Student: Ms. Aparna S.N

Mentor: Dr. Balasubramanya S.


·   Creating awareness about food safety in Anganwadi kitchens

Student: Ms. Bhagyashree Bahadhur

Mentor: Dr. Anuradha M.


SPICE, VGST, Government of Karnataka, 2014-2016 (₹ 1.2 Lakhs)

·   Mutagenicity of commercially available hair dyes and hair colours

Students: Mr. Julia Thomas, Ms. Santwana D

Mentor: Ms. Rekha L.


·   Phytochemical and antibacterial analysis of leaf extracts of Euphorbia neriifolia

Students: Mr. Neeraj Pokharen, Mr. Santosh Dahal

Mentor: M. Kumara Swamy


·   Phytochemical and antifungal evaluation of Castor plant leaves - Ricinus communis L.

Students: Ms. Gurmeet Kaur, Ms. Geeta Devi

Mentor: Dr. Ravikumar H.N


·   Evaluation of Biodiesel production from microalgae collected from freshwater habitats

Student: Mr. Sudeep Shah

Mentor: Mr. Lokesh P


TRIPS, VGST, Government of Karnataka, 2014-2016 (₹0.3 Lakhs)

·   Endophytic Fungi from Camptotheca acuminata as a potential source of Camthothecin - An Anticancer Agent

Students: Mr. Kalisa Amarsingh Bogati, Mr. Laipubam, Mr. Bhaskar Sharma

Mentor: Dr. Anuradha M.


44th series KSCST, 2020-2021 (0.16 Lakhs)

·   Extraction of protein from desilked pupae for human consumption

Students: Mr. Madan M Sharma, Mr. Kiran Mandlik, Mr. Akshay Nangere, Ms. Varshini A. R.

Mentors: Dr. Anuradha M., Dr. Umalatha


·   Optimizing the process parameters for the food packaging material derived from freshwater fish (cycloid) scales

Students: Mr. Pormeswar Narzary, Mr. Phungja Mushahary, Ms. Nivea Kachari, Ms. Shabeena Thasneem

Mentors: Mrs. Seba T Jiso Thomas, Dr. Saradha Devi M. S.


45th series KSCST, 2021-22 (0.67 Lakhs)

·   Production of bioactive molecules from agro-industrial waste

Students: Ms. Kavya T. T., Mr. Dileep K. R., Mr. Harsha B., Ms. Kalavathi K P

Mentors: Dr. Mallikarjuna Gowda K. G., Dr. Preenon Bagchi


·   Isolation and characterization of potential microflora to enhance conversation of kitchen waste to biofertilizer

Students: Ms. Janani S, Ms. Haripriya Ralegankar, Ms. Kavya D

Mentors: Dr. Indu B. K., Dr. Sudipta Kumar Mohanty


·   Synthesis of biodegradable empty drug capsule shells from fruit waste

Students: Ms. Usharani Yeddula, Ms. Vidhya S, Ms. Yamini G S

Mentors: Dr. Umalatha, Dr. Nagamani JE


·   Designing and development of bio-air purifier using bio waste

Students: Mr. Prabhu S, Ms. L Priyanka, Ms. Meera D

Mentor: Dr. Nethra S


·   The development of nutraceuticals enriched food product by using processed technologies of proso millet for better COVID-19 patients

Students: Ms. Suchitha K P, Mr. Ansif V, Ms. Meghana N, Ms. Pooma Dev

Mentor: Ms. Rani S Byadagi


·   Natural antioxidants used to reduce rancidity in oils

Students: Ms. Samyuktha B, Ms. R. Namitha, Ms. R. Harshitha,

Mentor: Dr. M. S. Saradha Devi, Mrs. Subbalakshmi. G


·   Development of a multilayer packaging material using jackfruit waste

Students: Ms. Suchitha K P, Mr. Ansif V, Ms. Meghana N, Ms. Pooma Dev

Mentor: Dr. Umalatha, Ms. Alice Preethi


46th series KSCST, 2022-2023. (0.35 Lakhs)

·   Production of wine from pineapple (Ananas comosus) and chiku (Manilkara zampota) waste

Students: Mr. Sanjay K, Ms. Pooja N C, Mr. Sumanth N, Ms. Swapna R

Mentor: Dr. Dhanalakshmi G


·   Development of functional food products using processed brown top millet with fruit and vegetable waste to enhance immunity against COVID infection

Students: Ms. Shraddha Ner, Ms. Riddhi Deshpande Bhavana Patil, Ms. Pavithra P

Mentor: Ms. Rani Sadashiv Byadagi


·   Extraction of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (epufa) from desilked silkworm pupae waste for the synthesis of cosmetic emulsions

Students: Ms. Harini G, Ms. Kalyani Amol Kadam, Mr. Pramod K, Ms. Belli Teekesh K

Mentors: Dr. Nagamani J E, Dr. Umalatha


·   Kodo malt as a smart nutrition for post COVID-19 infections

Students: Ms. Shravani K, Ms. Bachala Chetana Valli, Ms. Gownipuram Geetha Madhuri, Ms. Chilakalapudi Pragnya

Mentor: Mrs. Prabhavati S Erimani


·   Utilizing peels and seeds of fruit waste formulation and standardization for the preparation of Phyto-bar enriched with microalgae: spirulina

Students: Ms. Riya Vikas Manjrekar, Ms. Riyoodaka Pariat, Ms. Pallavi Narayan Nikumbh

Mentor: Mrs. Shanthala P